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The Rabissi family: a love story told by the ground

It is the deep love for this land that tells the story of the Rabissi family, started with Pietro at the half of the Eighteenth century. Pietro grows cereals, olive trees, some vines and he owns a dunkey for transport and a cow to ensure milk and cheese to his family. And from these simple actions, a true love is born. For the joy to see all sacrifices focused on a single product. It is not rhetoric, the respect for nature is handed down together with that for man and work. And the Rabissi family takes care of this tale that looks at the future with every single generation. That’s true, the most beautiful things happen at the table, with our families, where love and passion are handed down. Until today, with Federico, agricultural expert and oenologist, who decided to give life to the family dream, dream of love and cure for the ground.

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Rabissi winery owned by Rabissi Federico
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