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Love, respect and passion

The countryside in Montalcino introduces you to the farm. Small, intimate, searching for cure, for the right times, without forcing the nature. Only one hectar of vineyards, cultivated at Sangiovese, divided into three parcels. Two of them overlook on the Orcia river, in front of Monte Amiata, in a warm valley featured by untied and draining soil that allows the creation of structured and bodied wines. The third is located in a cooler and clayier area, towards Montalcino; from this area, more complex and balanced wines are obtained. The countryside in Montalcino is all of this, with different palettes during the year. With the greys of winter up to the reds and yellows of the fall. The harvest starts around half September and it is done manually, to select the best of the grapes, healthy and perfectly matured. Federico follows the growth of vines and grapes at every step. Like a lovely dad, with respect and patience. Because the nature and the ground need passion, time and competence.

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Rabissi winery owned by Rabissi Federico
Castelnuovo dell’ Abate, Montalcino
Tuscany – Italy

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