Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rabissi 3 litres tin


Extra virgin olive oil produced in Tuscany, 3 litres tin



Extra virgin olive oil produced in Tuscany

For its extra virgin olive oil produced in Tuscany, the Rabissi family also proposes the 3 litre tin format! Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Olivastra, these are the varieties that the Rabissi family have selected during the years. They are typical varieties from Tuscany, that the Rabissi have matched to small plots, different for exposure and altitude. The olives are harvested by hand and immediately crushed, to obtain a complex and delicate olive oil at the same time, that accompanies the dishes and enhances the flavors. The iconic Tuscan blend, the typical varieties of this land, choosed during the centuries because adapted and adaptable to microclimates and altitudes. A varietal selection that helps to build taste and structure. An olive oil suitable for adults and children, to be also introduced in the diet of the first months of life, because eating well starts right away!

The varieties

The history of native Tuscan varieties

Leccino: it is the most common variety in Tuscany, selected in time because it is resistant to low temperatures and adaptable to the most different grounds. This cultivar also fits to higher altitudes where the olive tree expresses a low acidity tenor. It also resists the typical diseases of the olive tree and it guarentees a good yield. It blooms early, giving the opportunity to start the harvest the olives in October. Especially if squeezed a few hours after harvesting, it guarantees a low tenor of acidity and a big taste intensity. Balanced by the lightness and delicacy that make it suitable for frying too.

Moraiolo: typical Tuscan cultivar. As the Leccino, it gives a good yield and it also resists harsh climates, making it perfect to high hilly areas. It has got specific organoleptic features: at the nose, it has got a fruity hint of hazelnut and almond, with artichoke and aromatic herbs notes. At the taste it has got neances of bitter and spicy, perfectly balanced. It is the olive oil for panzanella and bruschetta, because at cold use it expresses at its best.

Pendolino: grown in combination with Leccino, from which it is pollinated, this is also a typical Tuscan variety for olive oil. Cold resistant. It gives rise to an olive oil rich in unsaturated fats, with a delicate flavour in which almond notes are perceived. It blooms early and this allows to harvest the olives in October, ensuring a good yield, but, above all, an exceptional taste.

Olivastra: it is a native cultivar of Monte Amiata. It is characterized by acidity levels close to zero. Together with the presence of unsaturated fats. Also this variety is well suited for higher altitudes and has developed a resistance to the olive trees fly. Therefore it does not require pesticides.

Here is what it means to produce an olive oil in the wake of tradition, here is the true knowledge of a resilience which has its roots in history and is projected into the future…

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