Red wine produced in Tuscany, 20 lt


Red wine produced in Tuscany in 20 litres bag-in-box



Rabissi red wine produced in Tuscany in 20 litres bag-in-box

The red wine Rabissi produced in Tuscany, in bag in box, is a very good table wine. The Rabissi family wanted to combine the practicality of bag in box with convenience and taste. A wine to be brought on the table everyday without sacrificing the Tuscan taste and quality. Made with grapes harvested by hand, like the Rosso di Montalcino and the Brunello di Montalcino Rabissi, to always have quality at hand and at a good price. Vinified in red, with the peelings in contact with the must, at a controlled temperature of 26°C, after the maceration the wine rests in steel tanks. Prevalently obtained by Sangiovese grape, it can release fresh and floral scents. However, it does not give up the typical traditional Tuscan scents and it then gives away notes of red fruit and forest berries, like blackberries and blueberries.

In the mouth it is fresh, it can be easily appreciated without ever giving into boredom.

Pairing and recipes

Its freshness makes it suitable to accompany everyday dishes, with the typical recipes from Tuscan tradition, excellent with all vegetable and bread soups, like acquacotta or ribollita. Paired with the traditional legumes like the cece del solco dritto, or the black chickpeas, seasoned with a good Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and a little black pepper. It goes very well with all homemade pasta, like tagliatelle or pici all’aglione. Or with fresh pecorino cheeses and primo sale… A wine that you can always drink, from the snacks to the aperitives.

The recipe: the Tuscan peposo

It is said that during the construction of the Brunelleschi dome, the workers of the company had no break from work. Women then, that they’ve always practiced resilience, began to cook the less noble and more calloused pieces of veal (shank, cheek and broth meat), in a mixture of red wine, garlic and black pepper. Garlic and pepper to hide any bad smell due to bad preservation of meat. They put everything in a covered crock pot which ended up in the oven to cook with bricks and tiles! We Tuscans have never forgotten this recipe and it still accompanies our family lunches and dinners.


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